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Hussein Bakhsh Safari (born 1996) is a jujitsu practitioner and MMA fighter from Afghanistan.

"My family and I belong to the Hazara minority in Afghanistan. We belong to the Shiite faction. Radical terrorists such as the Taliban and IS-KP target and attack the schools, sporting clubs, mosques , health clinics and streets during the demonstrations and religious ceremonies of my people solely due to our ethnicity and religious beliefs. I am a social and political activist. I established a foundation by the name of Safari Foundation, which is supporting and helping my vulnerable people. Please see my page and Instagram, under Hussain Bakhsh Safari.
Now that the Taliban took over the government, they started to genocide and systematically kill the Hazara people, my people. I along with my family are obviously a big target for the radical terrorists of the Taliban, Haqani group, and ISKP.  I can never return to my country as a young social, political activist, sport champion belonging to Hazara minority and as a Shiite Muslim who struggled for years against the Taliban. Due to the fact that I am the Asian Champion in contact Ju-Jitsu and first ranked worldwide, I am Hazara and I am Shiite, I am a political and social activist and I am a very well known figure, it is obvious that the Taliban will kill me and my family, if we return to the country."

MMA record: 7-1-0 / height: 5'5" (165 cm) / weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)


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