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When Ren was in the elementary school, his father, who has a boxing experience, suggested him to try Kids Kickboxing.
That was the beginning of everything for Ren Hiramoto (born June 27, 1998).
He had a very successful career in Kids Kickboxing. At age 12, Ren won U-15 All Japan Boxing Championship.
This was when K-1’s popularity went down. Ren thought about switching to boxing. But under the new ownership, K-1 has transformed into “The Newborn K-1” in 2014, and Japan’s biggest kickboxing promotion has decided to concentrate more on lighter weight classes, target younger audience.
This was a perfect stage for Ren.
He entered K-1 Koushien which is a competition of kickboxers for 18 years and under. Ren was a sophomore back then yet surprised everyone by winning this tournament which was a held in the same event as K-1 World Grand Prix 2014.The moment he won this tournament, Ren became “Heavenly-Sent Child of Newborn K-1”.
Just couple years later, although Ren was still a senior in high school he made it to the final of K-1 World Grand Prix lightweight division.
The GP final was a close fight and he did come up short in a split decision.
Ren's popularity and valuation didn’t go down, and he was chosen asone of the casts in the popular reality TV show by Abema TV. Needless to say, Ren captured a new set of fans through this TV show.
Next year, at age 19, Ren surprised everyone again, by knocking out an inaugural K-1 champion Kaew Fairtex. Soon after this win, Ren surprised everyone once again by leaving K-1, announced his decision of switching to MMA.
Ren’s sight was set on becoming the best MMA fighter in the world. The UFC champion.
However, because of the contract restrictions Ren had to sit out of fight for the entire year. But that didn’t distract his concentration. Ren kept on training with top MMA fighters in Japan like Yushin Okami, Ken Hasegawa and Shinsho Anzai.
In 2019, to pursue his dream , Ren signed with the RIZIN Fighting Federation.
Ren may only have just one pro MMA fight under his belt, however, with an impressive resume in kickboxing and his popularity, he has become one of the most talked about fighters in Japan.

MMA record: 0-2 / height: 5'8" (173 cm) / weight: 145 lbs (65.7 kg)




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